Rolling with the Times

July 15, 2020

The beauty of restoration work is that you never know what is coming into the workshop next. This week we took on a different challenge. We had an enquiry from a lady who had an early 20th century writing desk with a roll top front. Unfortunately as often happens the roll top had snapped and disappeared into the back of the desk, also one of the feet had broken along with a support spindle.

The repairs are not particularly difficult but, done properly, are very labour intensive, as it involves some dismantling of the desk to retrieve the broken roll top section as well as feeding in the repaired unit once done. Also the backing fabric that gives it it's flexibility has to be removed and each wooden strip thoroughly cleaned and kept in order so that when the new linen backing fabric is applied everything matches. The restoration was going to be more than the monetry value of the piece that is being repaired. However the owner wanted to go ahead and we set about the repairs ending up with a very fine desk.






















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