This Week's Challenge

July 3, 2020

We have work coming in thick and fast at the moment, and one of the pieces that has come into the workshop this week is a reproduction antique Italian open armchair, which has the added challenge of being extensively gilded, as these ornate chairs often were. 

The reason our client came to us was that her pet dog had decided to make a meal of two of the back legs. A common problem that brings us a fair amount of work, in this case however the dog had done a particularly good job of removing the "reeding" of the legs, due I think to the gesso used in the manufacture of the chair which is a glue made from rabbit ...

We have had to redefine the reeding to both legs, removing the copious teeth indentations left in the wood before refinishing the legs to match the patina of the rest of the chair. This involved painting the legs with differnt layers of paint. The first being a brown / red, then once dry a grey/ blue. Once this second coat was dry it was rubbed back to reveal patches of the red underneath.... The challenge will be the gilding with "Tin Leaf" to match the rest of the chair...... 










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