First Major Post Lockdown Project Completed

June 30, 2020

It has been quieter than normal recently, due to the lockdown imposed. We have however just completed a Georgian bureau restoration for a client which we are really quite pleased with.

The bureau came to us looking very tired. It had had extensive work done on it in the past but was now in need of more repair work.

Two of the bracket feet had broken, the toppanel, inside writing slope and side panel had splits, a drawer bottom had fallen out into several pieces , and several sections of cock beading were missing from around the drawer fronts.

This was a fairly straight forward if fiddly job, cutting small sections of wood to fill the cracks and making new sections of beading. We avoid where possible using conventional wood filler as this has a tendency to crumble and fall out of the repair, it also lacks strength. So generally splits are repired using shaped inserts of wood glued into place. This has the added advantage of producing a nicer finish.  The drawers were stripped of brasswork which was cleaned and replaced after French polishing the drawer fronts.



The bracket feet were repaired by cutting and shaping Utile (a sustainable mahogany) using the existing feet as a pattern, then coloured to match.


We cleaned out the interior of the writing compartment removing many of the deep scratches, however this was limited by the depth of veneer that had been used (fortunately Georgian veneer is a lot thicker than modern) Then French Polished the interiior to a good finish. We Also managed to find a key for the writing slope as a bonus for the client.
















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