A Common Problem

December 6, 2019

This week we have been working on a customer's late Victorian sideboard, which had a number of issues. One was a large white ring on the top. This is usually caused by damp from the underside of a cup or plate re acting with the polish and though very common, is surprisingly easy to deal with. (see the video on our links page),  we usually use "T" cut from a car accessory store to polish this out, finishing with French Polish.

This however was not so simple and was from , we think, the underside of a paint tin, however removal was undertaken in the same fashion as the method used to remove watermarks  but with a slightly more aggressive abrasive, the application of very fine wire wool which provided a very good result.


















Once the ring had been removed, we addressed some of the more serious small scratches in the surface using an infill of wax, before touching in with a colour matched stain and very fine paint brush . Here is a youtube clip showing the process involved.

Simple scratch removal










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