A Removal Repair

November 11, 2019

This week we collected an Edwardian bureau that had been damaged during a house move. The fretwork along the back had been broken off, which needed re attaching, and we were asked if we could address several other small areas of damage, one being damage caused by their dog chewing the bottom unit, along with a white water mark on the top surface,  the client also asked if we could find a way of stopping the drawer coming all of the way out when opened. All of these jobs are pretty much routine, and relatively straight forward , the real art is concealing the repair as much as possible. This proved to be quite a challenge as despite using pigments mixed with French polish the join in the repair to the fretwork persisted in showing through, eventually though we have managed to reduce the visual impact of the repair to the point of only being visible if you really look for it. Unfortunately the repair to the dog bites required new veneer sections to be inserted and these are simply impossible to conceal, however we have managed to match the grain and colour quite well.

The drawer stop simply consisted of inserting a small dowel on the underside so that the rear edge of the drawer catches this as it is opened. We now have the wait whilst the French polish hardens enough to give a final waxing. The White water mark was removed using an abrasive cream then re polished ( a youtube link on how to do this can be found on our "Links" page) 



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