That Little Extra

June 19, 2018



When it comes to performing restoration work for our customers, we always try to give that little extra. Such was the case this week when a very nice couple came into the shop with a little Edwardian table that they had purchased from a local Antique Fair. They asked if we could remove some of the deep scratches from the surface for them due to it's low financial worth they did not want to spend too much on re finishing, a fairly straight forward job and I quoted a price accordingly. Once in the workshop the scratches were swiftly dealt with and surface re finished with French Polish. However on inspection I noted that one of the legs had been repaired where it had previously snapped, but the repair was still visible and quite unsightly. So I set to and tidied up the leg "removing" the repair from view, re finishing all three legs to match. It cost me very little in extra time and materials, but hopefully will  bring the customer so much more enjoyment from their purchase. For us it is the satisfaction of a piece leaving our workshop in the condition that we would like it to appear in our showroom, and reflects the pride that we take in restoring these lovely pieces.

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