Traditional Restoration

May 31, 2018

As we have said before we do like to restore furniture using traditional methods and where possible, materials. Recently we purchased a beautiful dressing stool. Initially I believed it to be around George IV / William IV, however further investigation would suggest that it was made in the Georgian style but around 1918/ 20 ish so still an antique in it's own right. The stool itself needed very little restoration and really just re upholstering. On removal of the badly applied outer covering we found three further layers of fabric where it had been just recovered over the previous cover.... This is potentially damaging to furniture where the seat pad sits within the chair frame as the extra thickness of material forces the joint apart, requiring re gluing. However in this case we were lucky that no damage had been done. Under all of the fabric was the main padding material which consisted of  what would have been very expensive horse hair. This confirmed to us that the stool would once have been a quality piece, as cheaper furniture was often stuffed with low quality filling like straw. Horse hair stuffing can usually be re used and just requires gentle washing in warm soapy water and drying thoroughly. This brings back the "bounce" to the material and helps it plump up.. The supporting webbing beneath was replaced and once the horse hair had been replaced and bulked out with a layer of cotton padding a calico inner cover was tacked into place, before finishing with a period style outer. The wood work was inspected for any damage stripped back with methylated spirit before a coating of wood stain applied to even up the colour then French polished before final waxing







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